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Community Partners

Community partnerships are a win-win-win for youth, partner organizations, and the Firefighter Youth Academy. By collaborating with community organizations, we can better develop our cadets while fulfilling many community needs. If your organization is interested in partnering to recruit youth participants, contributing program content, providing mentors or volunteers, launching academies in your community, or supporting us financially, please contact us.



Thank you to the following organizations for their generous support!

Vallejo Fire Department

City of Vallejo Participatory Budget Process

Medic Ambulance Company

Kaiser Permanente

Shinnyo-En Foundation

Valero Refinery - Benicia

Sol Trans Transportation Company

Benicia Cleaners

Victory Surplus

Fighting Back Partnership

Syar Foundation

Fire Departments/Public Safety Agencies/Professional Firefighter Organizations 

Firefighters maintain a well-deserved reputation of being amongst America’s most celebrated heroes. Along with professional athletes and entertainers, firefighters are in an unequaled position to be effective positive role models for at-risk youth.  Youth are naturally intrigued by the activities of firefighters and their presence in the community is welcomed, respected and appreciated.  Providing opportunities for youth to develop, while assisting in the efforts of public safety, is an exceptional approach and efficient method of meeting several social challenges.


The Firefighter Youth Academy provides a cost effective opportunity for fire chiefs to actively participate in the development of local youth and fulfill their organization's mission to serve and protect. Utilizing our community’s youth to assist in fire prevention and safety education outreach is a unique and effective means of enhancing community safety programs that currently exist. Through the academy, firefighters also have the opportunity to become a positive role model for young people.


Today’s fire service is evolving into more than agencies that only respond to emergencies. "Community-Based Fire Protection" is a growing concept within many progressive fire departments that is founded in the practice of looking "outside of the box" for resources and opportunities to serve its citizenry.

Funders and Donors

Individuals, foundations, or corporate sponsors who understand the difficult issues and needs of inner-city communities will be able to make a direct impact with their financial support. Donations support our ongoing operations and are vital to our ability to provide the Fire Fighter Youth Academy at no cost to participating cadets. Donating online today can help make a difference in the life of a young person.

Local School Districts

Research shows that American education's most challenging problem in the latter half of the 20th century was indisputably in the large cities. Achievement test scores show that children in the central cities lag consistently behind the average in educational attainment. Research also clearly shows mentoring to be a powerful alternative education and dropout prevention strategy for students who are at risk.


School districts are often under-resourced and challenged by the needs of students who lack the motivation, resources, and support needed to succeed in school. As a primary partner of the Firefighter Youth Academy, local school districts will be positioned to expand their students’ career exposure and awareness by recruiting youth to participate in the academy. Academic achievement is one of the fundamental principles of the Firefighter Youth Academy. The program’s main goals include improving school attendance rates, improving youth’s social behavior, increasing high school graduation rates, and preparing participants to continue their education in college or vocational schools.


The Firefighter Youth Academy is one community-based program that shares the interests of, and seeks to support, those who are dedicated to providing quality education for youth who reside in urban areas. We seek to partner with school districts that realize and appreciate the benefits of collaboration with other organizations that truly care. If you are interested in forming a partnership with SFARY's Firefighter Youth Academy, please contact us.


Faith-based Organizations

Historically, faith-based organizations have been the cornerstone of social change and a vital part of the community. Many of our faith-based organizations are often looking for meaningful ways to uplift the spirit and conditions of depressed neighborhoods. The Firefighter Youth Academy affords an opportunity for churches to assist in youth development, public safety outreach, and the healing of their community.


Community-based Businesses and Service Organizations

Collaboration with local commerce and service organizations will further ensure that the public safety message will be distributed throughout the community. Local support will also serve to provide for program viability and sustainability.

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