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Robbin Mackbee Firefighter Youth Academy

The Robbin Mackbee Firefighter Youth Academy is a project of SFARY. We are pleased to partner with the Vallejo Fire Department, the Vallejo Unified School District and Medic Ambulance to offer this program to youth in Vallejo.


This program is named after Firefighter Robbin Mackbee who was killed in the line of duty on July 28, 1980, serving the Vallejo community. We are honored to follow in his dedication to community service and memorialize his sacrifice in such an appropriate and meaningful way.

The Robbin Mackbee Firefighter Youth Academy

Partnering with Medic Ambulance

Medic Ambulance paramedics and emergency medical technicians take a very active role in providing public safety curriculum and serve as positive role models for our youth academy cadets. Medic Ambulance personnel provide instruction and certification in CPR, Basic First Aid, and Disaster Medicine. Medic personnel also mentor and guide participants who have goals towards a career as a paramedic and/or E.M.T. They are also a great resource to those youth who wish to pursue a career as a firefighter or firefighter/paramedic.

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