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Media Arts Program

Unleash Your Creativity

Our community service project, inspired partly by COVID-19, is "Youth on Safety Health and Wellness." "Youth on Safety, Health and Wellness" is a youth inspired and produced digital/video publication that airs monthly on Vallejo Cable Access Television (VCAT) and our social media platforms (@FirefighterYouthAcademy). We have successfully completed the second season of eight 30-minute episodes. This community service effort aims to provide our community with resources and information that will help us stay "Safe, Healthy, and Well." The program features people, organizations, and events contributing to a better community. An essential benefit of this community service effort is that we make our community more resilient and better prepared to withstand natural or man-made disasters and everyday emergencies. We have steadily increased our viewership and identified program partners, including the Vallejo City Unified School District, that will expand our youth viewership with future episodes.

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