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Applications may be submitted at any time. Applications will be reviewed as openings occur and during our recruitment period which is November and December.


Cadet Application Process


The Firefighter Youth Academy is free of charge.


Youth between the ages of 14-18 who will commit to the program principles of academic achievement, community service, and self-discipline are encouraged to apply. Our recruitment plan is thorough and comprehensive, working directly with schools, as well as, community and faith-based organizations to identify program candidates. Youth who are particularly interested in exploring a career in the fire service are encouraged to apply.



Youth who apply to the Firefighter Youth Academy will be required to attend a program orientation with a parent/guardian to share the details of the program, expectations for cadets, and expections for parents.



The application selection process has been designed to mirror the entry-level firefighter selection process. Youth who submit an application will be contacted and provided with a Firefighter Youth Academy program guide. The guide contains specific information about the goals, objectives, and purpose of the program along with expectations for the cadet.



Applicants will be required to complete a multiple-choice test, and earn a passing score of 70 percent, to show full understanding of the commitment they are making to the program. All test questions are directly based on information found in the program guide. Successful completion of the written examination is required before taking the physical abilities test.



Firefighting is a physically demanding profession. As a contributing factor in developing a healthy life style, we encourage and promote physical fitness. The academy curriculum incorporates physical performance standards, as cadets participate in simulated fire ground operations. In an effort to maintain safety as a priority and prevent injury, the Firefighter Youth Academy has developed a physical abilities test based on the Presidential Physical Fitness Test for high school students at the 50th Percentile. The requirements are as follows:



• Run a 7 minute mile

• Complete 25 push-ups

• Complete 5 pull-ups



• Run an 8 minute mile

• Complete 10 push-ups

• Complete 1 pull-up


Successful completion of both the written examination and the physical abilities test are required before advancing on to the oral interview.


Oral Interview

The final portion of the cadet selection process is the oral interview, designed to evaluate an applicant based on their need and desire. Standard questions will be asked to all applicants and responses will be evaluated and scored. At the completion of the interview process, successful applicants will be invited to participate. Because there is a limit to the number of youth who may be enrolled in the Firefighter Youth Academy, a waiting list will be established. Youth will be added to the program from the waiting list if and when openings become available. All youth who are placed on the waiting list are expected to maintain good standing in school.

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