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Fire Extinguishment

The Firefighter Youth Academy is appropriate wherever the societal need is the greatest and there is a commitment by local firefighters to coach, mentor and inspire youth. 

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In addition to Fire and EMS training, our program provides cadets with a safe space for collective learning, relationship building and social and emotional development. We are the Robbin Mackbee Firefighter/EMS Youth Academy.


The Firefighter Youth Academy is a youth development and mentoring program providing life guidance and career exploration to youth who are at risk of

academic, social, and/or economic challenges.

Youth EMS training

Emergency medical services 

Cadets are empowered to save lives by learning first-aid and C.P.R. with our weekly volunteers from Medic Ambulance. These EMTs and Paramedics also serve as role models and excellent examples of what it takes to embark on the path to becoming a professional first responder.

Knowledge is


At SFARY we believe that empowering youth with knowledge is the key to catalyzing their future success. SFARY provides active learning and career exploration opportunities for young people with future interests in a career as a first responder as a firefighter, EMT or paramedic. SFARY is committed to providing young people with the tools and support necessary to advance their own lives and engage their communities to promote collective resilience. 

our CORE


SFARY’s Firefighter Youth Academy provides a solid foundation for young people to advance their own lives and elevate their communities through a commitment to active learning, community engagement and self-discipline.

Outreach + Innovation

In the spirit of innovation, cadets in the SFARY Digital Media Arts group really embraced  the power of digital storytelling to highlight “The Robbin Mackbee Firefighter Youth Academy”! Through a process of hands on learning, sustained commitment, creative expression, dedication and true collaborative effort, the team was able to use their voices and and creative vision to provide a glimpse of what makes this program so special. 

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