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The Firefighter Youth Academy is a youth development and mentoring program born out of the experience of everyday professional firefighters in Richmond, California that provides life guidance and career exploration for youth who are at risk of social, academic, and economic challenges.


The Firefighter Youth Academy is a project of Support For Actively Rising Youth (SFARY), a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes social justice and public safety. SFARY's mission is to provide youth development programs, resources, and opportunities to socio-economically distressed and under-served communities. We seek to revitalize and strengthen communities by developing and empowering youth. Our organization consists of fire service professionals, educators, and youth development practitioners. Our immediate objective is to research, identify, and provide the human, financial, and technical resources to implement the Firefighter Youth Academy in urban communities that have higher concentrations of low income residents and at-risk youth.

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