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Participant Guidelines

Participation Eligibility Requirements:

  • The competition is open to all Vallejo residents between ages 11 yrs to 18 yrs. All Vallejo residents within this age range are eligible for entry. If there is a group submitting, all members of the group must live in Vallejo and must be within the age range to be eligible

  • All participants must register at The Firefighter Youth Academy website:

  • All contestants under the age of 18 will require parental / guardian consent on the submission form

  • There will be a place for parental / guardian signature on the digital submission form


Content Requirements:


  • All content must have uplifting and positive messages

  • Performances may include singing, dancing, rapping, spoken word, music production (instrumental), martial arts routines, etc. 

  • Singing can be a cappella or Karaoke

  • All content submissions must include a brief video explanation of the performance and how it promotes positivity

  • All on camera participants must be dressed appropriately 

  • No nudity, or scantily clad participants will be accepted

  • Profanity is prohibited within the submission 

  • Political statements, symbols, or representations are prohibited 

  • Only horizontal video formatting will be accepted

  • Face coverings are prohibited. All on camera participants must show their faces

  • Full submissions (introductions + exhibition) are limited to 90 seconds in length

  • Introductions can be no longer than 30 seconds

  • Please be mindful of your surroundings when recording content. All above rules apply to the background as well (public, animals, structures, etc.)

  • No inappropriate gestures (will be determined by program staff)

  • Program staff will determine what material is inappropriate



Submissions and Voting:


  • Submissions will be accepted until October 1, 2022

  • The winner will be announced in November 2022


  • For an eligible submission, contestants must - 

    • (1) Submit content through the designated submission platform

    • (2) “Follow” the FYA social media account 

    • (3) Comment “Vallejo’s Got Talent” on one of our Social Media posts, with at least 3 supporters (friends) tagged in the comment

  • All submissions will be screened by FYA Staff and Cadets for appropriateness and quality. FYA members represent a non-bias 3rd party invested in showcasing the highest quality exhibition of talent

  • The top submissions selected by FYA will be broadcast in FYA’s episodes of “Youth on Safety, Health and Wellness”

Screening & Voting Rounds:

  • Initial Screening: Screening will consist of initial vetting by academy cadets and staff in order to be included on the ballot for public voting. This will confirm the appropriateness of the content. 

  • Voting Round 1: Friends and family will vote in this round through the FYA website. Those who make it to the final round will be judged by a guest panel

    • Votes will be cast through the FYA website (

    • Public Voting will be open from July 15th through October 30th 

    • Any individual member of the public can cast one vote for the video submission of their choice. Only submissions that are first screened and approved by the FYA team will be eligible for public voting

    • Top submissions will also be broadcast through all SFARY affiliated social media and digital accounts (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok, FYA Website)

    • Community members will be encouraged to watch the eligible submissions on their social media accounts and Vallejo Community Access Television (VCAT)​

  • Voting Round 2 / Panel: We will have a group of community judges who will pick the winning entry

Prize Distribution:

  • SFARY staff will be in touch with the top vote recipients through the email account that was used to register. Once in contact, SFARY staff and the award winner, will coordinate the delivery of the $1,000 prize through cashier check

Helpful Tips:

  • If questions arise, send an email to

  • Be mindful of your surroundings when recording content. All above rules apply to background (public, animals, structures, etc.)

  • Have fun!!

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