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Due to the lack of submissions, we will extend the VGT contest to November of 2023. Any submissions received from now until then will be judged with other submissions received prior to November 1, 2023. Thank you for your interest and your submission.

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Contest Overview:

Vallejo’s Got Talent is a virtual talent competition for high school and middle school aged youth in Vallejo, Ca. The purpose of the project is to provide a platform for local youth to share their talent with the community by promoting overall wellness while also competing for a $1,000 grand prize!


For decades, Vallejo has  been a breeding ground for artistic talent. Between artists, musicians, singers, athletes, and other talented functions, Vallejo has set a high standard for talent across the Bay Area. This contest is in partnership with SFARY, a non-profit organization focused on guiding and supporting youth in urban communities. SFARY’s flagship program is the Robbin Mackbee FireFighter / EMS Youth Academy, which is based in Vallejo. To learn more about SFARY and it’s programs, visit

Contestants will be able to review competition guidelines and register through the FYA (Firefighter Youth Academy) website (


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